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Western countries are well known to grant children more freedom in actions which results to independence and self reliance while Asians commonly establish stricter regulations to their children. Implementing of rules at some point is important in order to not overuse the freedom which could have unfavorable consequences. Children may be unaware of the common harm they might experience which is why aside from rules, guidance is crucial. Development should also be taken into consideration in which case you should instill long term rules that will create a sense of responsibility to the children. To make sure that your offspring grows up to be a law abiding citizen, some regulations are useful. The analytical and creative progress of the children should not be stifled by excessive rules and regulations. Properly brought up children with perfect balance of rules and freedom are able to think independently and establishes better with the community. Therefore, strict implementation of certain rules help launch a clear path in which your offspring can follow but at the same time, parents should be able to distinguish between regulations that are crucial and those that limits the children’s mental and social development.

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