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Perhaps one of toughest parts in passing your IELTS exam is writing essays as this demands focus, competency and proper execution. IELTS argument essay writing is a method for you to discuss certain topics and support it with strong relevant details which often is based on your opinions and ideas. Many students seek help with online tutoring services as this offers you assistance and free download of IELTS model essay. Model essays for IELTS allow you to study and prepare effectively by looking through top quality samples. Here is one of IELTS essay example:

Realizing what you want especially in the transitional stage of your academic life is important in order to attain your goals effectively. In my opinion, it is best to broaden your horizons in order to create better life experiences making you more proficient in decision making. Students who did not have the opportunity to travel does not entirely mean that they are far more inferior compared to those who have experiences with travelling. You can still have the experiences you need simply by developing interpersonal relationships with various people. Travelling or getting work experience prior to college can develop independence, responsibility and self reliance. As a whole, travelling may bring beneficial leverage to the students in order for them to effectively compete in their academic lives. Others can still have the advantage simply by extending their relationships to people with different backgrounds. This is an issue of making use of what you have in order to make the necessary changes and influences that you need in order to attain success in both your academic and personal careers.

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